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What We Do


Apartments Torrevieja  started life in 2001 as a platform where people with holiday property in the Torrevieja area of the Costa Blanca could, for a modest fee, advertise their apartment or villa for rental during times when they weren't using it themselves.

The site was  successful  in generating a large number of enquiries and bookings between 2001 and 2008, however, the online holiday rental business was starting to become swamped with one man operations who were offering to advertise holiday apartments at a fraction of the price of larger companies.  

It got to the point where some sites started offering free rental advertising, a suicidal decision which, combined with the collapse of the property market in Spain resulted in the majority of online rental advertisers going out of business, leaving a few large companies to take the lion's share of the remaining business.  

In 2008 the Spanish property online rental market in the UK was dominated by two huge companies, HomeAway.co.uk and Holiday Lettings.  We realised at the time that we couldn't compete with companies who could tap into  massive resources and employed hundreds of staff.  We figured the old adage "if you can't beat them, join them" was probably our best course of action so in 2010 we became affiliates of HomeAway.co.uk.

Instead of limiting our site content to the Torrevieja area of the Costa Blanca, we decided in 2012 to include all areas of Spain and to present the property information using auto updating datafeeds.  This ensured that all the properties listed on our site were current and the prices (where shown) were up to date.

We wanted to make our site easy to use - cut out all the blurb and make it as fast as possible. We just wanted it to do  exactly what it says on the tin and show as many apartments and villas as we could in an easy to navigate format.  As a result of streamlining our site, we are now faster than 83% of all tested sites .

How Do We Make A Living

We aim to give visitors a quick snapshot of what's on offer.  We don't go into great detail, we leave that to HomeAway.  If you see an apartment or villa you like the look of, we expect you to click the picture so you can read more about it on the HomeAway website.  If you make an enquiry, we earn a small commission.  

What We Don't Do

We know Spain well, in fact we have a Spanish office near Benidorm on the Costa Blanca but what we don't do is to try and be all things to all men.  You won't find area or resort descriptions on this website, we leave that to the likes of Trip Advisor.  A lot of rental sites these days are cluttered with all sorts of irrelevant detail about holiday resorts which most people searching for an apartment or villa to rent know already.  The majority of these sites are using editorial from people who have never set foot in the places they are writing about and just copy the content from other sites.

What We Will Be Doing

If all goes to plan we will be listing apartments, villas and houses from all over Spain, not just the popular holiday resorts.  We have already made a start on this project by including rental property in the green northern regions of Asturias, the Baque country, Cantabria and Galicia and will be rolling this out to cover some of Spain's lesser known regions during 2015.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you find an apartment or villa for your next holiday in Spain.  If you would like to contact us, please click here.

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